HBCF - Premium Calculator

Inputs for premium calculation

New Dwelling Construction of a Class 1a building (single, duplex, triplex, terrace) and any associated Class 10 buildings or structures.


This calculator will provide the premium charged by icare for Certificates of Insurance (COI) for new projects based on the details you enter. The premium calculated is based on the accuracy of the data and the date the data is entered for HBCF cover to be issued.

If a builder’s licence number is inputted into the calculator, the premium shown will include the loading or discount a builder receives from icare. A higher or lower actual premium is not indicative of the quality of a builder’s construction work or health of their business.

There are also additional fees the builder is required to pay to their broker for arranging HBCF cover. These fees will be in addition to any premium charged by the builder. You can find more information about broker fees here.

Premium may change from time to time and the calculated estimate may also change by the time the policy is issued as it is based on the policy issued date entered into the calculator.